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Agrivet Laboratories

Agrivet has the state-of-the-art Laboratory Service for the livestock industry to support the increasing demands of precision formulation, healthcare and management.

Agrivet Laboratories: Infrastructure and facilities

  • Highly bio-secured environment
  • High end machineries
  • Uninterrupted power supply to ensure flawless report generation.
  • Dedicated human resource
  • In-house experts to validate the findings.
  • Sample preparation and logistics guidance for third party analysis is facilitated on request.
  • On demand sample collection facility.

Laboratory Facility

    • Isolation & identification of bacteria
    • Antibiotic sensitivity test
    • Agglutination test
    • Feed & water hygiene test
    • Hatchery hygiene monitoring
    • Stool examination for microbial & protozoa study
      • Serology for viral & bacterial disease
      • Mycotoxin analysis
      • Hormone assay
      • Biomarker assay
      • Haematology and blood biochemistry
    • Gross pathology study
    • Histopathology study
    • Histomorphometry study
    • Diagnosis of Coccidiosis
      • Proximate analysis of raw materials and feed
      • Rancidity study
      • Adulteration study
      • Decomposition study
    • Pellet durability and hardness study
    • Pellet Dissociation Test
    • Residual Fine & Texture Profiling
      • Metagenomics of gut microbiome
      • Detection &quantification of pathogenic bacteria using molecular techniques
      • Transcriptomic study
      • Proteomics study

Agrivet laboratories: The Key Propositions

  • The service is conceptualised and executed by experienced veterinarians.
  • Tests are conducted by technically qualified professionals.
  • Reporting time – 2 hrs (for Proximate Analysis through NIR, after receiving the physical sample).
  • Minimum “Turn Around Time” for better responsiveness.
  • Every report comes after critical evaluation by subject matter specialists.
  • Reports come with expert's observation and advice.
  • Every report includes comments and observations post screening by subject matter specialists.
  • Convenient online “Test Request Form”.
  • Digital Report delivery through email/WhatsApp.
  • Online payment option using Debit/Credit card.

Agrivet Laboratories: List of Equipment

Equipment Brand Model
Anaerobic Chamber Himedia Mark V1
Analytical Precision Balance Wenser HPB 201
Analytical Precision Balance Wensar PGB 200
Analytical Precision Balance Radwag PS 6100.R2.M
Analytical Precision Balance Radwag PS 6100.R2.M
Analytical Precision Balance Mettler Toledo NG 8423
Aseptic Chamber Instrumentation India -
Autoclave Labquip -
Autoclave Allied -
Automatic Bottle Top Burette Titrette DE-M
Automatic Sieve Shaker & Sieves Electrolab EMS-8
BOD Incubator Labquip 9801
Centrifuge – Large Remi R 8C
Centrifuge – Refrigerated Eppendorf 5430R
Centrifuge - Small Remi RM 12C
Digital Colony counter Labtronic LT-36
Digital Conductivity meter Labtronic LT-26
Digital Egg Tester NABEL DET 6500
Digital pH Meter Global DPH 507
Digital pH Meter Labman -
Digital pH Meter Labtronic LT-50
Digital pH Meter Eutech PH Tutor
Digital Trinocular Microscope& Camera Dewinter DIGI1000(USB 3.0)
Digital Trinocular Microscope& Camera Coslab HL-32 LED
Digital Water Bath Benchmark Scientific B2000-4
Distillation Unit Som Scientific -
Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Systonic S-919
Double Distillation Unit Borosil 3362
ELISA Reader Bio Tek, USA 800 TS
Ether Extract system Som Scientific -
Fibertherm (Automated fibre analysis) Gerhardt EV 1
Gradient PCR (Thermal Cycler) Bio-Rad T100
Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Unit Bio-Rad Mini-Sub Cell GT
Hot Air Oven Som Scientific -
Hot Air Oven Labquip -
Hot Air Oven Cintex CIC-15
Hot Plate Som Scientific -
Hot plate Labquip -
Incubator - Large Labpro -
Incubator - Small Romer labs EQASR - 1500
IR Moisture Analyzer Radwag MA 50.R.WH
Laminar Air Flow Labquip Type I
Magnetic Stirrer Remi 2-MLH
Magnetic Stirrer Remi 2-MLH
Micro Pipettes Eppendorf, Thermo, Tarson, Clindiag, Vertex -
Muffle Furnace Som Scientific -
Muffle Furnace Cintex CIC-106
NIRS Analyzer Foss DS 2500
NIRS Analyzer Foss DS 2500
NIRS Sample Grinder Foss CT 293 Cyclotec
Pellet Durability Tester Tekpro - Holmen NHP 200
Pellet Hardness Tester Kahl K6432-0054
Photo-Colorimeter Som Scientific Model-312
Semi Auto Biochemical Analyzer Rayto RT - 9200
Soxtherm (Automatic Fat analysis unit) Gerhardt SOX 414
Tissue Homogenizer Cole-Parmer Scientific Experts Labgen 125:TH2
Toxin Analyzer Romer Lab Agra Vision
Toxin Analyzer Trouw Nutrition Myco Master
Turbotherm (Protein digestion Unit) Gerhardt, Germany TT M
UV Transilluminator Accuris, Benchmark Scientific, USA E3000
Vapodest (Protein Kjeldhal Distillation) Gerhardt VAP 200
Vertical Freezer -20° C, 600 Litre Celfrost, India GN 600 BTM
Vertical Freezer -86° C, 410 Litre Eppendorf, Germany U410
Vertical Refrigerator – Large BPL, India BRS 564H
Vertical Refrigerator – Small Haier, India HRD 1954C
Vertical Refrigerator – Large BPL, India BRS 564H
Vertical Refrigerator – Small Haier, India HRD 1954C
Viscometer Ametek Brookfield, USA Rheocalc - T- LVDVNX
Vortex Benchmark Scientific, USA BV 1003
Vortex Remi, India CM101
Vortex Remi, India CM101