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Agrivet School

Our Vision:

To be the pioneer and front-runner in up-skilling and re-skilling talent pool into an unmatched industry-ready workforce for new-age animal agriculture towards efficiency and sustainability

Our Mission:

  1. To be the most trusted powerhouse of talent pool for animal agriculture industry in India and South Asian region
  2. · To offer touchstone program for ancillary industry* professionals' upskilling and reskilling in the context of ever-changing client needs and business complexities in India and South Asian perspectives.
Animal Feed / Animal Healthcare / Veterinary Pharmaceuticals / Animal Feed Additives / Livestock / Vaccines / Farm Equipment / Genetics / Breeding / Biotechnology / Financial Service Providers etc. catering to animal agriculture industry

Our Vision

Animal husbandry especially poultry production in India has taken a quantum leap in the last four decades emerging from conventional farming practices to commercial roduction systems with state-of-the-art technological interventions. With consistently ascending CAGR and vast infrastructural support from the Government of India, Animal Husbandry sector is evolving at a rapid pace and hence there is a huge necessity for an industry-ready workforce.

Agrivet School is mandated to enhance the techno-commercial knowledge and impart training to the existing workforce in Animal Husbandry industry as well as to the freshers who are willing to join this sector. Being an initiative of the Agrivet group, Agrivet School is mentored by some of the leading veterinarians, technocrats and industry experts in the field of Animal Agriculture. With its own infrastructure and integrated set-up in a lush green campus at the outskirts of Kolkata, Agrivet School offers courses with a right blend of classroom-based knowledge transfer and onsite hands-on training. The Programs of Agrivet School are targeted for two major segments: for the working professionals and for freshers who aspires to join this industry.

Our Mission


  • The Program is aimed at offering a 360-degree view of-
    • Broiler Farm Management
    • Layer Farm Management
    • Diseases and Health needs of Poultry
    • Operations of Broiler Integration
    • Operations in a Feed Mill
    • Perspectives of a Poultry Nutritionist
    • Perspective of Poultry Feed Sales Business.
  • All the sessions are designed to sensitize the participants about the challenges and motivators in the daily life of their clients with a variety of perspectives.
  • Expected outcome of the sessions are to enable the participants to engage into more personalized and meaningful (not just his own product's story) sales conversations with clients which may finally lead to solving problems for the clients.
  • The sessions are delivered by eminent industry experts (15-25 years of experience) in a crisp, methodical, and application-orientated manner. The objective of the program is to get your team to a newer level of "Solution-Sales" approach from a current practice of "Product-Sales" orientation.
  • All the sessions are planned in our Training Campus which houses our Research Stations, Commercial Farms, Advanced Poultry Diagnostic Labs and a Pellet Feed Mill.
  • As an icing on the cake, each day's session ends with a dinner interview with an Industry Leader who would speak about latest trends and advancements in Poultry.
  • It's a fully residential program. The course fee includes: Hotel accommodation (double-sharing basis), all meals, local transfers (between hotel and training campus), study materials and stationeries of the program. The program fee excludes charges for any in-room dining and beverages.

To Register or to receive further information about the program, please mail us at, or reach us on +91 9381936585.


Date: 27-May-2024
Program Type: 5 Days

Date: 13-Jun-2024
Program Type: 3 Days

Date: 27-Jun-2024
Program Type: 4 Days

Date: 08-Jul-2024
Program Type: 5 Days

Date: 24-Jul-2024
Program Type: 4 Days

Date: 06-Sep-2024
Program Type: 3 Days

Date: 24-Sep-2024
Program Type: 5 Days

Date: 11-Nov-2024
Program Type: 4 Days

Date: 20-Nov-2024
Program Type: 4 Days

Date: 17-Dec-2024
Program Type: 5 Days


Date: 19-Jul-2024
Program Type: 2 Days

Date: 09-Aug-2024
Program Type: 2 Days

Date: 18-Oct-2024
Program Type: 2 Days


Date: 19-Aug-2024
Program Type: 10 Days

Date: 09-Dec-2024
Program Type: 10 Days


  • All the programs are fully residential
  • The sessions will be taken at Agrivet School Learning Center which is located at Agrivet Research Center housing Research Farms (Broiler, Layer, Breeder & Aqua), Commercial Farm, Advanced Analytical & Diagnostic Laboratories and Pellet Feed Mill.
  • Our learning center is equipped with a smart classroom having interactive audio-visual display and high speed internet connectivity.
  • Accommodation is provided in air-conditioned single/twin sharing rooms in a star category hotel with all necessary amenities in a prominent location surrounded by shopping, recreation and entertainment hubs.
  • Daily buffet breakfast and buffet dinner will be provided at the hotel.
  • Everyday transportation in air-conditioned coach from accommodation to the training facility. Lunch, tea and snacks at the training center.
  • Study materials (Soft copy/Hard copy) and basic stationaries needed for the course.
  • Access to Agrivet Library will be available.
  • Biosecurity protective wears needed for entering the laboratories and sheds will be provided
  • All participants will get a Certificate and memento after successful completion of the course.
  • The course fee includes - Accommodation (Single/double-sharing basis), all meals, local transfers (between hotel and training campus), study materials and stationeries for the program.
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