agrivet advisory

Agrivet Advisory

Agrivet Advisory has a team of in-house technical experts and professionals with hands-on experience to provide technical consultancy in different areas.

1. Animal Feed Formulation & Nutrition-

This is the core area of expertise for Agrivet. Agrivet is a trend setter in eastern India to popularize “Nutrition for All” concept wherein the company directly involves the feed millers, integrators and business owners in regular formulation and assists them to understand the true meaning of “Nutrition” which was previously not practiced. This is achieved by:

  • Providing complete feed manufacturing, nutritional and technical support functions pertaining to commercial poultry feed manufacturing.
  • Providing the least cost poultry feed formulation considering the quality of the finished products and economics of the company based on availability of raw materials, seasonal variation, sales and purchase prices and relevant parameters.
  • Assisting the feed manufacturer towards sourcing of raw materials, handling, storage (warehouse management) and quality control of raw materials as well as quality assurance of finished goods.
  • And through continuous evaluation of the commercial feed manufacturing operations in terms of output quality and economic viability of the operations.
2. Poultry Breeding Operations & Management+
3. Hatchery Management+
4. Feed Processing and Production Technology+
5. Feed Plant and Farm Process Audits+
6. Sourcing of Raw Materials & other Inputs+
7. Raw Material Inspection Service+
8. Quality Control and Assurance of Raw Materials+
9. R&D and QC Set-up Implementation Services+
10. Conceptualization & implementation of Turn-key projects+
11. Technical Consultancy in Product Development for Animal Feed+
12. Dairy and Milk production +
13. Aquaculture +